You can get granted special favor if you join us as a wholesale member. And as always we will do our BEST to keep great business with you for the future. If you have online store, boutique or many distribution channel, you can be our partner. Our shoes are hardly sold out, so we can ensure a stable supply of shoes to you. Here is procedure to be Wholesale-Group. Please read it carefully.

 - Wholesaler does not included 'Free Shipping' policy. After order, we are going to message about shipping charge.

1. Create an account ID

2. Inform us of your ID(email) with your request to become a wholesaler member.

You can use Contact Us menu or simply send an email to help@maxstarstore.com
The important thing is to let me know your about the quantity generally of your order. Because we will assign 'Wholesale Group' as quantity and members get a different discounted rate. And then we will approve your group within 48 hours.

3. Wholesaler member

Now you can login with your ID, and see now our retail and first range of wholesale prices.

4. "Check Out" from your shopping cart.

Payment terms : Here we have 2 ways of payment terms using:

  • T/T wise transfer VIA Bank
    Bank Name : SHINHAN BANK  / Account Number : 180-005-303970
    Accounter Owner : Becomeus inc,.  / Bank SWIFT CODE : SHBKKRSE
    Phone :  82-10-6764-2231
  • Paypal : http://www.paypal.com

5. Delivery terms and conditions

We ship & inform the tracking# for the shipment.
By FEDEX takes from 2-5 days. : http://www.fedex.com/tracking
As quantity and options, handling time takes more than one week.
And shipping price depend on your country, so price differ from country to country.

6. Shipping documents

  • Invoice
  • Courier Bill
  • Certificate of Origin if required
  • Packing list if required


As you may see on our website, there are no areas to make an offer or negotiate for cheaper wholesale prices than are mentioned on our website.
However, if you would like to make an order of more than over 1000 quantity and would like to discuss and negotiate the price, then you can mail your order list details to us.

Our person in charge here will respond to you as soon as possible and negotiate to reach the final price, one which will bring you good profit and allow both sides to maintain our relationship & profit.