1. Get your idea ready to review

If you have any blog or video channel, you can review our shoes for your reader or fan.
However at the same time, you have good idea to review that is satisfied of all.
And for prove that, you already have reach contents and a certain number of reader or fan.
It will be the touchstone of your ability, we think.
If you READY, Apply as Reviewer!


2. Fill out the entry form and send email

  • Your web-site address
  • Your full name and shipping address, phone number
  • Tilte and size of shoes that you want to review
  • How much you love MaxStar shoes!
    Criteria of selection
  • You must have over 5,000 subscribers in YouTube.
  • Blogger, Instagram and others, let me know how many big influence it has. For a while, we don't serve to Tumblr user.


3. Waiting while we check your site

We will send reply winthin 48 hours. And if we decide to go ahead, we will send your shoes immediately.
Of course, it is all FREE and you don't need to pay any shipping charge.
If you don't get any reply from us within 2 days, unfortunately that means denied for review.


4. Making good review

Before review, if you need the 'Discount Code' for your subscribers, let me know it.
It's best way to get credibility on your site and will be good promotion.
Anyway do your BEST for review, then we will have many traffic from you.
And if we promote friendly relations between us, we can more intersting work together.

*Please do not contain the review of other items when you make it.