About Us






Before a diversified global manufacturing fashion become, S.Korea became popular as a base to produce the goods of a number of fashion brands. And many young people in S.Korea that environmental impacts are global brands had the opportunity to become familiar, it has produced results more than enough. Because we could not only be able to see those beautiful results, the heart was about to be more than crazy and heart attack!

"Would this go through enough in the global marketplace?"
"But, how can we come in contact with people around the world?"
"What even if it will be sold, how do we ship them?"

Yes, right. At that time, we were just frogs in the well, had to give many times to find the solution. However, we were lucky experience that effort goes to winner's side. Maxstarstore has reasonable prices and nice quality undergoing trial and error of about one year. And it signed a contract with the brand with superior fashion sense began early winter of 2011, the first sale. Our items are popular with young women who were utilizing the marketplace such as Amazon and eBay the same time, and went slowly solidified the position.

Even now, thanks to a simple search on Google will come pouring our items. And we have a advantage to ship anything, anywhere within 2~3 days. But we know, this is not to never end.

In the future, we will introduce to you many more hidden gems like the brand.
Always we would like to share a good story based on the experience and reliability with you.

Any where any time, we hope you shine. :) 

Thank you.